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NOTE - Liptak Lawyers no longer accepts legal aid cases for major indictable matters

Adelaide Criminal Lawyer - theft, robbery, fraud

Offences of Dishonesty

If you have been charged with theft, obtaining property by deception, or obtaining financial advantage by deception, the best way to ensure your interests are protected is to get specialist Adelaide based criminal lawyers involved in your case at the earliest stage.

Our specialised focus as criminal lawyers and fraud lawyers ensures you receive the highest level of skill and experience required for your needs. We are leaders in the field, and our team has a wealth of experience in the highest courts in Australia whilst still remaining active in the Magistrates’ Courts. As a boutique-sized criminal law firm in Adelaide we can ensure that each case receives personal attention without delegation. You can feel confident putting your reputation in our experienced hands.

In addition to court representation, we can provide the following assistance:

  • Accompanying you to the police station
  • Responding to your questions and concerns
  • Assisting you to understand procedure
  • Implementing strategy by negotiating with police and prosecutors
  • Keeping you informed and updated
  • Liaising between you and Adelaide / South Australias best psychiatrists, psychologists, and drug and alcohol counsellors if needed

Section 131 Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935

  1. A person's conduct is dishonest if the person acts dishonestly according to the standards of ordinary people and knows that he or she is acting
  2. The question whether a defendant’s conduct was dishonest according to the standards of ordinary people is a question of fact to be decided according the jury’s own knowledge and experience and not on the basis of evidence of the those standards
  3. A defendant’s willingness to pay for property involved in an alleged offence of dishonesty does not necessarily preclude a finding of dishonesty
  4. A person does not act dishonestly if the person –
    1. finds property; and
    2. keeps or otherwise deals with it in the belief tha the identity or whereabouts of the owner cannot be discovered by taking responsible steps; and
    3. is not under a legal or equitable obligation with which the retention of the property is inconsistent
  5. The conduct of a person who acts in a particular way is not dishonest if the person honestly but mistakenly believes that he or she has a legal or equitable right to act in that way
  6. A person who asserts a legal or equitable right to property that he or she honestly believes to exist does not, by doing so, deal dishonestly with the property

Our specialised focus as criminal lawyers ensures you receive the highest level of skill and experience required for your needs. Contact Liptak Lawyers now for your best representation

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